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Studio Dayz

There are many elements of creating an end product.  First there is the design concept, this usually comes to me while I am trying to settle in for the night and catch my beauty rest.  Thoughts bombard my mind until I have to get up and jot them down.

Next I have to take my sketch and create a quick mock up in paper.  This enables me to iron out the nitty gritty of how it will be put together in terms of construction.  After I am satisfied with the appearance I draft my pattern/pattern pieces, this step is very crucial.  Getting it right will mean a world of difference between a functional design or something destined for the trash.

After, drafting comes the prototype.  I make a complete product so that I test the functionality of my design and the durability.  Once I am happy with the outcome and have tweeked anything that did not make the cut, I move on to production.  This is the fun part where I work with the materials I have chosen and get to put in many hours until the final product is unveiled.  Yes, work can be fun, when you enjoy what you do.

Completed Leather handbag, Studio Dayz blog post Sewlutionsbyamo




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