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Meet the Maker


The sewing machine is my paint brush, leather and fabric are my canvas. Armed with my imagination and tools, I strive to create beautiful, durable and functional items that can be used on a daily basis.  My customers are important to me so delivering exceptional customer service along with a quality product is a priority.  I do both hand stitching as well as machine stitching and sometimes both can be seen in my work.

I am a one woman show, designing and creating accessories for both women and men in my studio just outside Toronto, Canada since 2005.

My love for mechanical objects and industrial machinery can sometimes be seen in geometric shapes and rustic elements that I use. I am happiest when creating because I am free to express myself in many ways. Fun is important, so I try to not take myself too seriously and hopefully it shows.

I am constantly trying to find the balance of being a mother, wife and business woman. It is not always easy but I am very happy when I hear how proudly my husband and daughter speak about my craft to others. I am so blessed to be able to be doing what I love while being my own boss.

Arlene McFarlane

Owner, Designer, Maker